Web Request

Please select a Category below and answer the questions contained. If your request doesn’t fall into any of these categories please submit your request with as much detail as possible.

While we try to prioritize all requests, please select High Priority ONLY if it is an absolute priority.

For multiple requests, please create a new ticket  for each.

Technical support

If you would like to request Technical Support, please answer the following:

  1. What problem are you experiencing (please describe in as much detail as possible)?
  2. Site URL
  3. Recently installed plugins (if applicable)?
  4. screenshot of the issue if possible

Web Development/Creation

Typically website creation is handled on the Divisional level. Please contact your Divisional site Admin.

If you are the Divisional Admin, please answer the following.

  1. Division
  2. Purpose of the site
  3. site name
  4. proposed site URL

Plugin Request

If you would like to request a plugin, please answer the following:

  1. Purpose of Plugin
  2. Full Plugin Name (some plugins have similar names)
  3. Plugin Function
  4. Site where you would like the plugin installed

Domain Name Request

If you would like to request a new Domain Name please answer the following:

  1. Proposed Domain Name
  2. Purpose of Domain Name
  3. Division

App Development

Everyone loves apps, while we understand that apps are important and fun for events and conferences, unfortunately not every event requires an app.

If you feel that you ABSOLUTELY need an app please answer the following (We reserve the right to decline app request):

  1. App name: (Please give us the name you are planning for this application)
  2. Logo. Do you have a logo?
    • Yes ( can you provide a .psd or .ai version?)
    • No
  3. Is your page content created and ready to populate the app? (If your answer is no, please stop here)
  4. Purpose of the App: Please describe as detailed as you can the purpose of your application.
  5. Content of the App: Please describe as detailed as you can the elements that will be present in your App.
  6. Who is your target audience: (young/middle age/seniors; male/female; a specific industry)?
  7. Color scheme: What colors would you prefer for your App? If you have a logo we suggest designing the application with the colors of the logo (or slightly different shades of the logo color) because other colors make it very hard to integrate the logo in the design (the logo will appear as out of place.)
  8. How do you want your App to be displayed: only in upright position, only in landscape or both?

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